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Elf Bar BC5000 - Mango Peach Apricot


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Mango Peach Apricot

Elf Bar BC5000: 
The Elf Bar 5000 Puff Disposable Vape is a compact powerhouse! The flagon container design of this handheld vape pen provides a comfortable user experience. Once you hold it, you'll love it! Consisting of a dual coil, the Elf Bar BC5000 delivers the purest of flavors. Each Elf Bar is rechargeable which makes running out of juice a little less stressful. The contrasting colors of this handheld vape pen provide enjoyment, and personality on every puff!

Elf Bar: Mango Peach Apricot
Is that Grandma Calling? The smell of fresh Peaches and the taste of mango puree cascading along your tongue. You forget about the world around you for a moment. 

Device Details:

  • Flavor: Mango Peach Apricot
  • Size: 13mL
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Puff Count: 5000+ Puffs
  • Rechargeable: YES
  • Weight: 0.1
  • Height:
  • Color: Peach & Yellow

 WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addicting Chemical.