Kanna-Boss - Bloom Cubes  - Rainbow
Kanna-Boss - Bloom Cubes  - Rainbow

Kanna-Boss - Bloom Cubes - Rainbow

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Kanna Boss - Bloom Cubes

Kanna Boss Bloom Cubes

Kanna Boss Hydroxy 11 THC Bloom Cubes are the perfect way to enjoy a flavorful and potent cannabis experience. These THC-infused gummies are available in four delicious flavors: Rainbow, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Peach. Each gummy contains 11mg of THC, ensuring a powerful and long-lasting high. The Kanna Boss Hydroxy 11 THC Bloom Cubes are made with high-quality ingredients and feature a unique bloom cube shape, making them both tasty and visually appealing. With the Kanna Boss Hydroxy 11 THC Bloom Cubes, you can indulge in your favorite flavors while enjoying the potent effects of THC, all in one convenient and delicious package.

Kanna Boss - Hydroxy THC 11 - Bloom Cube Gummies

  • Kanna boss Hydroxy THC 11 Gummies

  • 500 mg per pack

  • 10 counts per pack

  • Flavors: Rainbow, Blueberry, Strawberry & Peach



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